Professors from Queen's University Belfast Visiting Lecturers at IUS

Professors from Queen's University Belfast Visiting Lecturers at IUS

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, Dr.T. Erkan Türe, Rector of International University of Sarajevo, welcomed to the IUS visiting lecturers Yvonne Galligan and John Coakley

Yvonne Galligan is an Irish political scientist, currently at Queen's University Belfast. She is a Professor of Comparative Politics, Founding Director of the Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics, and Director of University Gender Initiative atQueen’s University Belfast.

As part of SAGE Project and the IUS Gender equality plan, Prof. Galligan will give a workshop Gender Equality: The Smart Choice, with the team in charge of SAGE project implementation and SAGE coordinator Dr. Jasminka Hasić Telalović. In addition, Professor Yvonne Galligan, will deliver a public lecture at the IUS titled Is equal representation a sufficient condition for gender democracy.

Professor Galligan has published extensively on gender equality issues in public life, writing influential texts such as Women in Ireland, North and South. She has extensive experience in advising political parties, governments, parliaments, universities and international bodies on measures to gender balance political representation.

In 2017, she was honored with an honorary doctorate by University of Edinburgh for her outstanding work in equality and diversity, which was awarded alongside Justin Trudeau.

John Coakley is the emeritus professor at the School of Politics & International Relations at University College Dublin, where he was formerly director of the Institute of British-Irish Studies. Prof. Coakley is also the distinguished academician at Queen's University Belfast. His specialty is Irish politics, comparative politics and ethnic conflict. He was vice president of the International Social Science Council between 2002 and 2006.

Prof. Coakley will deliver at IUS public lecture Governing divided societies: the power sharing formula, on Nov. 1, 2017.

We thank the lecturers for their visit and wish them pleasant atmosphere at the International University of Sarajevo.