Bridging Theory and Practice: IUS EE Students Visit Leading Automation Company, IBEJ d.o.o.

IUS EE Students Visit IBEJ d.o.o.

As part of their practical coursework, students from the Instrumentation and Measurements course within the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EE) program, led by Professor Emir Omerdić and Assistant Adna Beganović, visited IBEJ d.o.o., a leading company in Sarajevo specializing in instrumentation and automation, PLC applications, SCADA, and data acquisition.

During the visit, students had the opportunity to learn about the operation of IBEJ d.o.o., observe the calibration process of smart transmitters in a real working environment, and examine various process instruments. This visit allowed them to apply the theories and lab experiments learned in class to real-world scenarios. The IUS Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS), and specifically the EE program, aim to equip students with practical skills and foster connections with industry leaders.