Creative Writing Workshop for High School Students Held at IUS

Creative Writing Workshop

On Friday, October 21, 2022, a group of 15 students from Maarif College, Sarajevo, accompanied by their English language teachers, Ilma Hasić and Jasmina Zilić, came to IUS Library to attend a Creative Writing Workshop organized and run by Assist. Prof. Dr. Vesna Suljić from English Language and Literature study program.

The students were informed about the aim of the workshop, were given some information about the short story writing process and then were instructed to write their own stories in small groups of three. After the initial shock (the story was to be written about a cockroach - either from the bug's or from the human's perspective), the third-year high school students became deeply immersed in the creative writing process and within a very short (given) time limit of 60 minutes, produced five entertaining stories in which cockroaches were either spies, or love-struck, or living in a Barbie house, or metaphors for human fears and anxieties. The students and their teachers were advised to review the drafts and send them back for publishing in IUS online magazine for creative writing - "Flair".