Department of Arts Exhibition: Design and Visual Campaigns - OUR TIME

Department of Arts organized, for the first time, the public exam presentation, defense and exhibition under the title "Our Time". The exhibition was followed by the debate between authors and professors in IUS Gallery on, January 18th at 12:00.

The artworks and designs presented are final exams and assignments done by the master studies candidates: M. Furkan Hizir, Tanja Curic, Merisa Basic and Muhamed Suicmez.  Authors presented their works from Critical Practice, Studio Project and Visual Culture and Ideology courses, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta and Assit. Prof. Branko Vekic. Tanja Curic presented illustrations, paintings, political campaign visual identity and video. Merisa Basic exhibited posters on gender issues and set design for the performance Psychosis, as well as the poster and catalogue for theater performance Tamo Vamo. M.Furkan Hizir presented the visual identity of the Bosnian national basketball team, book cover design, and visual identity for theater performances done in National Theater and Youth Theater, as well as the awareness campaign posters for the project Dark Side of Technology. Muhamed Suicmez  exhibited illustrations on Turkish folk tales, and negative aspects of social networking as awareness campaign. Some of the works presented are first drafts and some are pre – final versions of practical artwork for the master thesis. Furthermore, posters on Plagiarism / Copyrights campaign are also part of the exhibition. It is important to stress that some of artworks and design of M.Furkan Hizir, Tanja Curic and Merisa Basic are real professional projects done for cultural institutions in Sarajevo.

Introduction notes at the opening as well as the moderation of the event and public exam defense was done by Assit. Prof. Branko Vekic. Professors and lecturers of the Department of Arts participated with their critical opinions in the debate that followed the opening of the exhibition.  Head of Department of Arts, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta ,stated that this exam practice follows the norms of high standard art schools and art academies around the world, and that VACD will work on implementing these practices in the process of education in arts on regular basis.  

Exhibition will be open until January 25, 2017.