Record Response Rate in IUS Student Survey


By mitigating the restrictive measures imposed by the Covid19 pandemic, the IUS management instructed the academic units to offer face-to-face classes for majority of the courses with only a few remaining online in the academic 2021-2022 year.

The student survey for the Spring Semester 2022 was conducted on-line, in the period of June 5-20, 2022. The survey registered a record response rate of 86% respondents. In order to successfully conduct the survey and obtain quality feedback, IUS management decided to purchase a special software module by which the IUS students were able to fill out their survey on-line. The survey was completely anonymous and consisted of two parts: several questions on the quality and performance of teaching and courses, as well as a part for comments on the course or general improvement of IUS.

The survey was administered by the IUS Quality Assurance Office (QAO), in accordance with the Higher Education Law and IUS internal rules. According to the Law, a student survey is mandatory for all higher education institutions. In the process of preparing the survey, QAO consulted the IUS Student Parliament (SPIUS), upper management and academic staff, who provided timely and constructive feedback on the most optimal ways of conducting the survey.

The student survey is considered an extremely valuable tool of the teaching monitoring system, and the results of the survey are immensely constructive and useful. It is very important to get information on how IUS students acquire knowledge, skills and competencies, and what they think about the educational methods that are implemented at the University. Through this student survey monitoring process, the administration aimed to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process in the future, and to take relevant preventive and corrective measures in order to improve the quality of study at IUS.