Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce: STAR Workshop Explores Future Jobs and EU Opportunities


On Monday, April 1, 2024, the International University of Sarajevo hosted a compelling workshop entitled "Future Jobs and EU Opportunities" by S.T.A.R. EDU platform, marking a significant stride in preparing students for the evolving professional landscape. Organized by the Social Innovation Incubator “Munja”, the event aimed to equip students with crucial insights into the forthcoming job market dynamics and avenues within the European Union.

This initiative by “Munja” Incubator encompassed several key components, including free educational sessions focusing on identifying future job prospects and nurturing career development. Participants were provided access to top-tier resources and programs to enhance their skill sets and adaptability in the job market. Additionally, the workshop shed light on EU opportunities available to students, fostering a broader perspective on potential career pathways.

Jan Zlatan Kulenović led the workshop, bringing his expertise to guide enthusiastic students from IUS through the enlightening sessions. The event not only provided valuable insights but also served as a platform for students to interact, learn, and prepare themselves for the dynamic demands of the future job market.