IUS FBA Students Gain Practical Insights During a Visit to the Sarajevo Stock Exchange


Students from the Investment and Portfolio Management class at the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) of the International University of Sarajevo, led by Assistant Prof. Dr. Šejma Aydin, had an educational visit to the Sarajevo Stock Exchange on April 29, 2024. During their visit, the students were hosted by Mr. Almir Mirica, the Executive Director of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange. Mr. Mirica warmly welcomed the group and delivered a comprehensive presentation detailing the operations and challenges of the exchange. He provided an in-depth view of how stock exchanges function and the various dynamics of the financial markets.

Mr. Mirica took the opportunity to explain how a practical investment would be conducted in the complex market environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He guided the students through the investing steps, highlighting the critical considerations and the strategic approach necessary to navigate the local financial landscape.

Assistant Professor Dr. Šejma Aydin thanked Mr. Mirica for his hospitality and invaluable contributions to the students' learning experience. She emphasized the importance of such field visits in enhancing the students' understanding of theoretical knowledge through practical exposure.