IUS Hosts Interactive Forum “Waqf 2.0: Youth Perspective”

Interactive Forum “Waqf 2.0: Youth Perspective”

As part of the 12th manifestation "Days of Waqf in Bosnia and Herzegovina," the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) and the Waqf Directorate of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina collaborated to organize the Interactive Forum "Waqfs 2.0: Youth Perspectives" on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

The event commenced with speeches from Mr. Senaid Zajimović, Director of the Waqf Directorate, who highlighted the significance of the "Days of Waqf in Bosnia and Herzegovina" in raising awareness among the youth. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, Rector of IUS, also expressed pride in the university's role as host, providing a platform for young people to engage in discussions about waqf and its importance.

The guest speaker, Professor Dr. Fahira Fejzić-Čengić, introduced IUS students to the concept of waqf and ways in which young individuals can enhance their philanthropic awareness. Reflecting on the inception of IUS, she emphasized that waqf emerges from a community's need for collective advancement, with individuals contributing out of genuine intentions.

Prof. Fejzić-Čengić also discussed how young people can contribute to the institution of waqf beyond financial means, stressing the importance of sharing knowledge acquired during their university education.

The forum concluded with a discussion on positive materialism, emphasizing the role of hard work and wealth accumulation in creating a better life for oneself and others.

Finally, IUS extended gratitude to the Waqf Directorate for their generous book donation to the university library, exemplifying philanthropy's positive impact in higher education.