“Managing Haptic Interactions" Project Successfully Concludes with Remarkable Success

“Managing Haptic Interactions" Project

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Asif Šabanović successfully implemented the "Management of Haptic Interactions", a groundbreaking project, co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Higher Education, and Youth, Canton Sarajevo. Working with dedicated undergraduate and graduate students from the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), the project received commendation for its invaluable student involvement and showcased exceptional outcomes at the University.

Notable discoveries from the project were published, significantly contributing to the field of haptic interactions. This initiative aimed to establish a haptics-focused research lab, expanding Cyber-Physical Systems' scope for remote touch and force interactions via communication networks. The project's pivotal tasks included developing haptic systems and demonstrating concepts for recording and reproducing interactions, laying a foundation for internet-based haptic interactions.

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Asif Šabanović's extensive knowledge, expertise, leadership, and student efforts ensured project success and enriched the haptic technology domain. This project symbolizes achievement, promising technological advancements, and inspiring innovation in the field.