From Student to Leader: Mirza Rastoder's Inspiring Journey from IUS to CEO of Homework HUB


Meet Mirza Rastoder, an exemplary alumnus of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), whose journey from student to director of Homework HUB, Bosnia and Herzegovina's pioneering university hub, is nothing short of inspirational.

With five years of dedicated leadership at Homework HUB, Mirza has transformed it into a thriving center for students, high schoolers, and freelancers alike. Under his guidance, Homework HUB has not only provided invaluable resources but has also become a beacon of opportunity for young individuals, employing over 12 passionate souls who gained their first taste of professional experience within its walls.

Mirza's vision and hard work haven't gone unnoticed. Homework HUB's commitment to education and the promotion of science earned it the prestigious Charter of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly, recognizing its significant contribution to the community. Furthermore, the hub's excellence has been acknowledged on an international scale, with a nomination for the Global Startup Award for Best Coworking Space in Southeastern Europe.

Mirza attributes much of his success to his time at IUS. Over six years of study, he immersed himself in countless initiatives and projects, honing his skills and nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit. It was this environment of learning and innovation that empowered him to take the leap into entrepreneurship and ultimately lead Homework HUB to new heights.

To future and current students, Mirza's message resonates deeply: IUS isn't just a university; it's a gateway to a remarkably prosperous future. Through his journey, Mirza exemplifies the transformative power of education and the boundless opportunities it can unlock. As Homework HUB continues to flourish, Mirza's story serves as a testament to the potential within each student and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.