Star Newspaper Writer Sibel Eraslan Delivers Lecture at IUS

Sibel Eraslan

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, a Star newspaper writer Ms. Sibel Eraslan delivered a lecture on "Turkish Geopolitics and Future Politics" at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) where she elaborated on how politics can be developed with new arguments in the light of the new crises Turkiye, Europe and the world are facing.

Ms. Eraslan said  that “everything starts with an idea, the seeds of ideas turn into actions and will, and institutions begin to form as a result of these actions", and that the International University of Sarajevo, which was founded in 2004 in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Turkish and Bosnian entrepreneurs, is an institution formed from such an idea and idealism.

Expressing that the 20th century passed with heavy wars, deep human losses and the Cold War after the World War II, Ms. Eraslan said that the world was greatly affected by the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in the same year, and the "Glasnost" policy in 1985. Noting that the threats of war have changed in the 21st century and countries have started to resort to hybrid warfare methods, she drew attention to the fact that both terrorist organizations and the economy are used as war tools.

During her lecture, Ms. Eraslan focused on the issue of migration and immigrants, the COVID-19 epidemic period when the world was closed and isolated, and the developments such as digitalization, recent Turkiye's mediation attempts between Ukraine and Russia, the grain corridor initiative and the fact that Turkiye is the country that provides the largest amount of humanitarian aid in the world.