“Go on an exchange, broaden your horizons. Meet students from different places, of different backgrounds and world views. And have fun doing it!” - Dino Mehmedagić, IUS Alumni Success Story

Dino Mehmedagić

Our alumnus, Dino Mehmedagić, who earned his BA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at IUS is currently a PhD student of Hardware Security at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. In the last year of his bachelor studies, he became increasingly interested in hardware design and embedded systems. He applied for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs, won a scholarship and got accepted to the European Master for Embedded Computing Systems (EMECS), a 2-year master program studied at two different universities. He spent the first year in Trondheim, Norway, before coming to Kaiserslautern in Germany.


Read his story below!

During my primary education, I found a lot of things related to math and natural sciences interesting. By the end of high school, I could see myself studying physics, genetics, neuroscience, and plenty of other things. I chose electrical engineering for the high probability of employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina in this area. I originally wanted to do it at a state university, as I was short of money for any other option. Then, IUS organized a scholarship testing for senior high-school students at its campus, and I was most impressed with the facilities and services there. When I received news that I had received a scholarship, I quickly made up my mind to study at IUS.

I think that IUS does a far better job in keeping the student motivated than most state universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on my friends’ experiences at state universities, they went through a lot of unnecessary stress. Sure, even at IUS you had stressful situations (exams, homework deadlines, lab exercises, etc.), but you didn’t have to worry about things like bad student service, lack of availability of professors during their designated times, bureaucracy, etc. I think stressful environments like that can demotivate you during your studies, and I’m glad I didn’t have to go through all that. Use the unique position that IUS has to acquire unique experiences. Use all the lab equipment and other facilities at your disposal. Go on an exchange, broaden your horizons. Meet and talk with students from different places, with different backgrounds and world views. And have fun doing it!