IUS Life Organizes Mobility Across Europe Volume 3

Mobility Across Europe Volume 3

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, IUS Life organized the event Mobility Across Europe Vol. 3. We said goodbye to wonderful students from the school Versari Marcelli, Italy, and they prepared their presentations and shared their experiences after a one-month internship in Sarajevo.

In their presentation, they presented their first meeting with Sarajevo in a very emotional way, the experience of this, unusual city to them, they described the beauty of Mostar, shared their impressions of their first work experiences, their gratitude to their mentors as well as to IUS, their delight in their favorite dish ćevapi, the strength of Bosnian coffee, the incomparable sweetness of Bosnian baklava, etc. They told us that they take home a lot of emotions in their suitcases, a wonderful experience and, above all, the preciousness of new friendships.

During the event, Elma, Aydin and Kemal, students from the High School for Tourism and Hospitality, Sarajevo, introduced themselves. Next week, the three of them will travel with their teacher to Fatima, Portugal for the "Blended Skills Competition" in gastronomy, which will be held as part of the TEF (Tourism Education Future) project. The first part of this competition was held this week in an online format when students from Portugal, Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their national and regional cuisines.

We keep our fingers crossed for them and wish them a lot of success in the competition!

IUS Life once again uses the opportunity to thank all stakeholders who supported our Erasmus + VET projects this time as well: Hotel Holiday Sarajevo, Hotel Europe Sarajevo, ELS Student Success Office, and IUS Research and Development Center.

Special thanks go to IUS Erasmus Buddies Kenan Junuzović, Hena Durmišević and Hamza Kurtović.