FBA Hosts Two Lectures on Sustainability and Public Policy


The students of Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) had a chance to attend two engaging public lectures on Thursday, May 16, 2024, designed to deepen students' understanding of critical contemporary issues.

In the morning, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kemal Yilmaz from Ibn Haldun University in Turkey delivered his lecture titled: "Empowering Sustainability-Driven Corporate Performance in Emerging Markets." Hosted by Prof. Dr. Mehmed Ganić and Assist. Prof. Dr. Šejma Aydin, the session was attended by International Finance students, IUS academic staff, and representatives from Ibn Haldun University. Dr. Yilmaz explored the integration of sustainable growth agendas (SDGs) and Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESGs) in corporate sectors of emerging economies, offering actionable insights on aligning operations with global sustainability standards. During the Q&A session, students opened the discussion on the importance and relevance of sustainability in finance, particularly in case of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey. The session concluded with representatives from Ibn Haldun University handing out gift bags to attendees, adding a thoughtful and memorable touch to the event. Afterwards the Ibn Haldun delegation met with the Rector of International University of Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yildirim and exchanged ideas for future cooperation between the universities. 

At noon, the FBA hosted Dr. Edo Omerčević from the Center for Public Policies and Economic Analyses (Centar za javne politike i ekonomske analize), who delivered an insightful lecture on "How to Influence Public Policy? The Case of Preschool Voucherization." The lecture was organized by Prof. Dr. Faris Njemčević and Assist. Prof. Dr. Šejma Aydin as part of the Public Economics class. Dr. Omerčević shed light on the work of think tanks, the realities of policy-making, and socio-political conditions, using the debate over private vs. public preschools as an example. He offered universal advice on how to successfully and strategically influence public policy, highlighting his direct contribution to the policy change in preschool voucherization. Following his talk, there was a Q&A session, and students received copies of the guest's policy papers, adding valuable resources to their learning experience.

Delivered by seasoned professionals with extensive international experience, these lectures provided students with invaluable global insights on national issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina.