External Evaluation by Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC) Expert Committee

THEQC visit

An Expert Committee of the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC) is paying a two-day visit to the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) in order to conduct external evaluation and check IUS's compatibility with THEQC higher education quality standards. The delegation is comprised of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çufali, the Vice-President of THEQC, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Halil Kayral, Council Member of THEQC, Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Dilek Avşaroğlu, Academic expert of THEQC and Ms. Züleyha Kol, Interpreter of THEQC.

The first part of the visit included a presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Dilek Avşaroğlu delivered to the IUS Management, academicians and administration on Higher Education Quality Assurance Practices in Turkiye. The presentation introduced the milestones that lead to the establishment of the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council, its composition, the roles and responsibilities and the decision-making procedures. Furthermore, Prof. Avşaroğlu spoke about the THEQC's quality assurance framework and the external QA activities conducted by THEQC.

Within the scope of the external evaluation, the Expert Committee is scheduled to carry out interviews with the management authorities of the University in order to get information on IUS and higher education system in BiH and determine the evaluation approaches to be applied to the institution. Furthermore, the delegation will also meet with the relevant senior unit directors and managers in order to discuss internal quality assurance system at IUS, learning and teaching criteria as well as research and development, service to society, and internationalization evaluation criteria. At the end of the two-day visit, the Committee is expected to get an insight on IUS from the student perspective by interviewing IUS Student Parliament representatives and students representing different departments and study cycles.