Documentary „Dosta“ Made by VACD Students Wins First Place

Documentary competition

A premiere of the winning documentary on girls in kickboxing “Dosta” (“Enough”) was held at the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design (VACD) study program of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), in cooperation with the Kickboxing Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized a competition for the fourth-year students within the Design Studio course.

The main initiator of the project was Vice President of the Kickboxing Federation, Mr. Elvedin Dubravac, while the project mentor was Assistant Professor Emir Hambo, Head of the Department of Arts and VACD Program Coordinator. Five groups participated in the competition with extraordinary documentaries with the winning documentary coming from the “BoxBox” group comprised of Emina Memija, Marija Mikulić, Aida Prolić, Admir Jusić and Ervin Golubović. The students were awarded with plaques and prize money.

This is the first documentary on brave, successful female kickboxers, who have been breaking the stereotypes in martial arts by bringing medals from European and world competitions to Bosnia and Herzegovina for years. Unfortunately, women are today on the margin of this sport, so the most important goal of this project is showing the mental and physical strength of women and how much they can make us proud in the most difficult moments.  

Preparations and shooting of the film were extensive and demanding not only for students but for our champions as well, who publicly spoke for the first time about positive but also not so positive circumstances in their sports careers. The film provides insight into the training sessions and the sacrifices sportswomen make in their private lives in order to devote themselves to the maximum if they want to succeed in this sport. These girls have achieved that and have become true champions who train and achieve top results without much media attention. As representatives of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, these girls have won medals on European and world championships and promoted the Federation in the best possible manner.

We would like to congratulate the students and their mentor on this successful accomplishment.

You can watch the movie here: