Films of VACD Students to be Screened in Dom Armije

Short and documentary films of VACD students are going to be screened again, this time in Dom Armije (Army Hall) from March 9 to 14, 2017, as part of the Film program of International festival Sarajevo Winter 2017. The premiere screenings of the films took place at the IUS in February, also as part of the Festival.  The films were chosen by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, Head of Department of Arts, this year’s selector of Film program of Sarajevo Winter. The student filmmakers whose films are to be shown are: Taha Yasin Alan, Malik Kurt, Amna Bajrić, Emina Avdibegović, Faruk Garib, and Ömer Faruk Bozkurt.

We take pride in our students work, and we use this opportunity to congratulate them for their success.

Bellow you will find the short descriptions of films.


Snowyard by Taha Yasin Alan (2016)

Snowyard is short action film that depicts secret meeting of spies in one of the coldest days in history of Sarajevo, Bosnian capital.

The Innocence on Me by Amna Bajrić (2017)

Our world is full of suffering people and sometimes the only thing that we can do is express our compassion and solidarity with them. Artist can do that in special, visual way and that is what Amna Bajrić did with this short art performance video.

Flappy Attack by Malik Kurt (2014) (sound editing by Faruk Garib, IUS student)

Guy addicted to games in one moment found himself in the world of Flappy bird. He has to fight with virtual birds to escape from that virtual life and back to reality…

Gold Digger by Malik Kurt (2015) (director of photography Faruk Garib, IUS student)

Story about young boy who lost everything valuable in life. He starts using narcotics and and digging some “gold” in his life…

Time by Faruk Garib (2016)

Story about people and passing of the time. Each moment people are trying to be faster or slower than time, but time is always “on time”. Underpass in film represents life and time, new people are coming, some another people are leaving, and that’s time.

Kalem (Pen) by Ömer Faruk Bozkurt

Ömer Faruk adopted a short story for this short movie about a guy who is looking for pen. It is a story about how we perceive world around us.

Zlatne Ruke Ilijaša (Golden Hands of Ilijas) by Emina Avdibegović (2017)

Short documentary about local association of women, who are through different workshops trying to improve local community and preserve traditional crafts and cultural heritage of Bosnia & Herzegovina.