M. Furkan Hızır Designer for SOS Usamljena srca (SOS Lonely Hearts)

Theater performance SOS Usamljena srca (SOS Lonely Hearts) premieres in the Youth Theater Sarajevo on Thursday, March 8, 2017. Expert in practice M. Furkan Hızır made the visual face of the promo material for this black comedy directed by François Lunel.

According to the Memo on Cooperation that IUS signed with the Youth Theater in September last year, this is the fifth theater project in which our academics and students are involved professionally, and which is included in the education process at the VACD study program. Head of Department of Arts, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta arranges professional and artistic engagements for IUS students and academics, not only as student internships or art projects, but also as regular professional assignments. These assignments are part of compulsory and elective VACD courses and activities, and they are building public exposure of our designers and artists in professional art institutions and media in Sarajevo. 

In this theater season, two more premieres of general audience and children performances are expected to be done, in which our students, professors, designers, and artists are to offer their creative ideas. The Youth Theater will once again in this season organize free entrance for all IUS academics and administrative staff to one of their repertoire performances.

VACD academics are invited by the general manager of The Youth Theatre to attend the premiere of SOS Usamljena srca.