IUS Scholarship Testing 2023 – Part I: Madrasa Students from BiH

madrasa testing

On Thursday, March 16, 2023, the Scholarship Testing for madrasa students from Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).

Students from six BiH madrasas sat for the testing: Gazi Husrev-begova madrasa, Sarajevo; Madrasa “Osman ef. Redžović”, Visoko; Elči Ibrahim-pašina madrasa, Travnik; Behram-begova madrasa, Tuzla; Karađoz-begova madrasa, Mostar and Madrasa “Reis Džemaludin-ef. Čaušević”, Cazin.

Upon their arrival to the IUS Campus, the students, accompanied by their teachers, were welcomed by the IUS staff, who helped them find their classroom and provided guidelines on how to do the test properly and what to expect after the test.

The students also had an opportunity to have a tour around the IUS Campus, where they learned about the IUS facilities, such as Mechanical Engineering lab, Genetics and Bioengineering lab, IUS Library, Architecture studio, TV studio, etc. They also found out other possibilities that student life at IUS has to offer: Erasmus+ student exchange program, mandatory internship program and numerous student clubs.

IUS organizes the Scholarship Testing every year for high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to financially support high school students who want to continue their education and create better future for themselves. The students can get from 10% to 100% scholarship depending on their results achieved in the testing. As the only foundation-based university, IUS strives to offer quality education to as many young people in BiH as possible and help them in their further professional development.