IUS Life Organizes "Mobility across Europe" Event


As part of the IntervetWB project, IUS Lifelong Learning Center organized a multiplier event on October 12, 2023 titled "Mobility across Europe". The hosts of the event were IUS Life representatives: Ms. Mirsada Mehremić, Ms. Sibela Beširević and Mr. Emir Šehić with the great support of IUS International Relations Office (IRO), IUS University Communications Office (UCO), and IUS Genetics and Bioengineering (GBE) study program academic staff members, Asst. Prof. Dr. Jasmin Šutković and Senior Assistant Lejla Mahmutović.

It was the event that marked the end of the IntervetWB project, which lasted three years and brought together 14 participating countries allowing students from our country to do their internships in the countries of the European Union. High school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange their own practical experiences in different countries. IntervetWB was an opportunity for young people to better understand the importance of intercultural exchange, develop their communication skills, broaden their horizons, gain first work experience and new friendships, and be part of the Erasmus+ international exchange of VET school students.

The professors of the Hadžici High School Center, Semiha Hamzagić and Lejla Telarvić, shared their IntervetWB experiences and invited all high school students to join international mobility. Kenan Junuzović, now a student at IUS, had the opportunity to visit Poland, Italy and Slovenia as part of the IntervetWB project and said: “Now that I'm watching this video, I have to admit that it's all very emotional for me. Going to Milan was my first time away from home for a long time without my parents. It was very difficult at first, especially since it was the time of the COVID pandemic”. He pointed out that his first work experience and skills that he will surely use in his life he gained during his high school internship in Poland. "Now I have the opportunity to welcome the students who come to my country and make their stay in my country easier and more beautiful through my own experience," he pointed out.



The IntervetWB project opened opportunities for IUS Life to continue cooperation with Uniser Learning Mobility, Bologna, Italy, and join another project called Joint Hosting, where students from Italy come to our country for internships. "Today we are sending off a group of nine students from DaVinci High School in Cessnatico, and welcoming another group from IPS Versari Marcelli High School, Cesena, who will do their internships during the next four weeks. Most of them will work at the International University of Sarajevo, where they will first work gain experience at IUS Research and Development Center (RDC), IUS Student and Career Center (SCC), and Hotel Europe Group," said Ms. Mirsada Mehremić, Assistant Director of the IUS Lifelong Learning Center and IntervetWB and Joint Hosting Project Coordinator.

During the event, students from Italy very emotionally shared their experiences with the IntervetWB project and their stay in Sarajevo. It was an experience that everyone will talk about for a long time. "When I heard that I was going to Sarajevo, I wasn't thrilled at first. I thought, why Sarajevo, and now I don't want to leave. I don't want to go back to Italy. Thank you, teachers, IUS IRO office, and Kenan for making our stay here unforgettable," said Maymona Ndoye, a student from Italy. Enthusiastic about history, people, and food, she was happy with every opportunity to learn something new. And yes, she will definitely come to Sarajevo again.

The emotional farewell to the warm hosts and dear friends really proves that the Erasmus+ project has fully achieved its goal this time too - it enriched young people and their teachers with valuable knowledge and experiences and connected them with lasting friendships.