January 2023 Webometrics Ranking: IUS Remains at the Top


The latest Webometrics Report for January 2023 has ranked the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) as the best private university and third top-ranked university in BiH. This is a significant improvement compared to the July 2022 report when IUS was on the overall fourth position.

IUS has been climbing up the ladder on this prestigious portal and in January 2023, IUS reached 3753rd position, which is its best position since the establishment of the University. This is a notable progress for IUS resulting from the continuous joint efforts of the IUS Management led by the IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım and its academic and administrative staff. Another important fact is that this improvement is even more significant because Webometrics has tightened its standards.

Webometrics is the largest world university ranking portal, which publishes reports based on independent, objective and free access to information. The report encompasses 31,000 world universities and ranks them according to the ranking indicators, their web presence and social impact. The ranking indicators are Visibility - Web contents Impact, Transparency (or Openness) - Top cited researchers and Excellence (or Scholar) - Top cited Papers.