IUS ve YTB, Balkan Öğrencileri için IUS ve Türkiye'de Çift Diploma Takibinde Burs Finansmanı Protokolü İmzaladı

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) hosted today the Opening Program for Education Program on Human Rights, which has been organized by Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) since 2012.

The Rector of International University of Sarajevo Prof.Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım addressed the audience where he stated that this program and the anniversary of suffering of innocent civilians in Srebrenica genocide were being held at the same time.

 „The fact that Education program on Human Rights has started today is very important. We live in a geographical region where life is the most essential human right“, said the Rector.

He said that this program reveals the genocide in Srebrenica.

The commemoration was yesterday, the museum opening ceremony was the day before. Lessons to be held here will significantly benefit our young friends. We hope that these atrocities will not happen again and they will not happen again if everyone's religion, race and nationality are respected", said the IUS Rector.

During the today's program a Protocol on scholarship funding was signed with YTB, which is very important when it comes to Joint program for obtaining double diplomas between IUS and its partner universities, Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul University.

 „Our students will have an opportunity to study for two years here and two years in Turkey. We are offering a great opportunity with a great contribution from YTB. This program is not only open to Bosnia and Herzegovina, but to all Balkan countries“, said the Rector of International University of Sarajevo.

The opening program of Education Program on Human Rights was attended by Mr. Abdullah Eren, the President of Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB).

Mr. Eren stated that Srebrenica was the main topic of this year's Education Program on Human Rights.

Mr. Abdullah Eren said that YTB was in the process of preparing an annual report on assaults and human rights journal and added that this asks for creating a network of legal professionals to deal with such duties.

Considering that the program was being held in Sarajevo, it would be commenced with a presentation of the Mechanism of the International Crime Tribunal and followed by lectures from experts of the Ministry of Justice.

In the end, Mr. Abdullah Eren talked about the Protocol signed between YTB and IUS and emphasized that International University of Sarajevo, which is in the center of the Balkans, is very important to them.

 „If we remember the serious danger of brain drain, this university represents hope to all of us“, Mr. Eren concluded.

The ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in B&H Mr. Sadık Babür Girgin spoke at the opening program as well. The ambassador also emphasized the importance of opening this program during the Srebrenica genocide anniversary.

He pointed out that his wish was to see students integrated.

 „It is very important for you to be active in the society, protect your rights and contribute to the society“, the ambassador said emphasizing the importance of higher education and acquiring knowledge and wished students luck in their further work and education.

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