IUS Leading BH Private University according to Webometrics Ranking

In the Webometrics edition for January 2021, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is the first-ranked private university in BiH, and the third-ranked in relation to all other universities in our country. Also, IUS is in 1117th place in the competition of 5774 European universities that are included in Webometrics's ranking list. IUS has been continuously maintaining its high-ranking position for many years on this prestigious world university ranking portal. All of the above speaks in favor of the stability of IUS, and efforts to prove it in all areas of educational activities. 

Since its founding, IUS strives to improve the quality of its work in all spheres of activity, primarily in providing quality teaching and learning conditions for students, creating conditions for quality scientific research and artistic work for academic staff, developing strategic international partnerships, and generally contributing to society as a whole. Teaching, as well as all communication at the University, in English, is one of the advantages that IUS offers to its students.

"The challenges we are facing are considerable, but we are up to them," Rector, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yildirim, said. Even in the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic, IUS was one of the first universities to successfully switch to online teaching in March 2020 and achieve outstanding results with the full engagement of its students and professors. Thanks to the already existing tools Google 365 and Teams, online teaching was successfully conducted, and in student surveys, the students praised the quality of teaching, as well as the support of the institution

However, IUS did not stop there. At the end of 2020, IUS opened the Center for Distance Learning and Teaching. Investments in these resources also included significant material investments in equipment and professional training of academic staff. In order to provide the best possible quality of services for this type of teaching, IUS has acquired the Cisco Webex Video Conference System application, which greatly improves the quality of online education. The system works on the principle of "transforming" the distance learning application into a structure that almost perfectly mimics education in a physical environment. At the institution, where many classrooms are equipped with an 85-inch Cisco Webex, professors can communicate in real time and interactively share content with their students.

And finally, the fact that one prestigious ranking portal, such as Webometrics, recognized the success and quality of IUS, among a total of 47 BH public and private universities, which were included in the ranking, makes the success of IUS even greater. IUS remained the best private university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on global and European educational indicators of excellence. 

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