World Refugee Day

Every day human dignity battles against the increasing number of refugees all over the world. Human dignity fights for its life.

Armed conflicts from different parts of the globe are the dominant reason for increasing number of human beings who are forcibly displaced from their homes and often families. Figures say that every two seconds a person flees home because their home is not a safe one anymore. To understand this datum better, it is sufficient to know that one our breath is a time unit at which the number of these tragedies is increased.

Among 65.3 million people forcibly displaced in the world there are 21 million refugees and that number has increased immensely after the Syrian civil war outbreak. Around 45% of Syrian population (11 million) is currently displaced due to armed conflict and crime, which wins this conflict a medal for being one of the worst humanitarian crises. Syrian conflict is raging despite numerous political talks and humanitarian military interventions. The ineffectiveness of interventions to end this conflict has brought criticism from those who have lost hope for a peaceful solution. As the conflict becomes more and more intractable day by day, human rights continue to worsen.

Around 86% of world’s refugees are being hosted by the developing countries, which also significantly increased in the last decade, as stated in the official webpage of Global Giving Foundation. According to them, even more than half of the world’s refugees are minors, and that gives us a better picture of the consequences of this global tragedy.

The world continues to fight it, but as for all problems, education is the solution!

International University of the Sarajevo pays its respect to all refugees, commemorates the fallen ones, and promotes the fight against refugeeism.