A workshop successfully completed at IUS

On Thursday, 22nd of May, 2014, the workshop titled ”Depression and Anxiety in the Context of Cognitive and Existential Therapy” was held in amphitheater ground floor of the International University of Sarajevo. The keynote speaker and lecturer at the workshop was a psychiatrist and a newspaper columnist Mr. Mustafa Ulusoy. This workshop was aimed to provide adequate knowledge to students of psychology in the aforementioned field, in order to apply the skills they have learned in the real life.

Mustafa Ulusoy spoke with the students about the anxiety that is a vague anxiety, a fear without apparent external cause which is usually accompanied by the fear that comes from outer threats, problems which come from the depths of one’s own personality. The anxiety belongs to neurotic phenomena but it does not necessarily mean that is the neurosis itself.

''Anxiety in a way represents the fear of one’s self, of one’s internal and not external threats that could be provoked'' said Mr. Mustafa Ulusoy.