What is the future of Architecture?

We are honored to announce that our student in the third year of Architecture department, Senad Alibegović, participated in architectural theory competition held in Berlin, and his work was one of the chosen to be published in the book called "The future of architecture" by Pieterjan Grandry.

"The future of architecture" is a participatory book project initiated by Crap is good which tries to provide an insight into the future role of architecture. Realizing the problematic nature of the simple question 'What is the future of Architecture?' author of the book collected different research papers on this topic and incorporated them in one book.

After many months, and a big collaborative effort, the book has been published , and the name of our student and his research paper became a part of it.

Every architectural attempt starts by making a representation of an imaginative situation or design, which will happen, or could happen in the future. In many cases an architectural design remains a future plan, and in times of economical and political crisis, the question of what comes next, gains relevance. So, while architects shape the future, this book is concerning about the future of architecture.

Once more, International University of Sarajevo is proud to have students like Senad Alibegović, and we wish him a lot of success and academic development.