Welcoming ceremony for the new appointed rector of IUS

On September 21st, 2016 a welcoming ceremony for new appointed rector of International University of Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe was held in the IUS main amphitheater.

At the beginning of the program, Hasan Topaloğlu, President of SEDEF Foundation welcomed the new Rector and all present. "I will use this opportunity to wish  and congratulate the beginning of the new academic year to our university, its teaching staff, employees and students of IUS for a huge achievent. I hope we will be even more successful in completing this year. During the last three years we were together with the Prof. Dr. Rector Yucel Oğurlu and we achieved a great accomplishment. We opened a new faculties and programs together with you and we have made significant progress in international areas. I wish Mr. Oğurlu was today together with us to share these moments. Our new rector, Prof. Dr. Erkan Ture becomes Rector at IUS for second time and this shows that IUS has staff that work continuously and their contibution never ends for IUS. Also, we hope and expect that our students will not only complete their education and go, we expect our students as well as to be back to IUS and to share their new experiences with us. I hope that the IUS will be remembered by their academic achievements in the future too. We, as founders believe that Mr. Ture is one of best candidates to achieve this. Mr. Ture's academic experience will be transferred to our university, and for sure we will be even more successful than before." said Mr. Topaloglu.

Prof. Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe also addressed the audience and informed it about the plans to follow the mission of International University of Sarajevo. “ I am very happy and distingueshed to be here with you after so many years. As Mr. Hasan Topaloglu emphasized institualization of IUS was done mainly by previous Rektor Prof. Dr. Yucel Ogurlu and I want to thank him for his hardwork. Thank you all for supporting him during these years through difficult times. It's time to imrove IUS standards and we are ready to improve our academic teams as well. I have been working in  five countiries  at ten different universities in my academic life. Its 34 years of work  after my PhD and IUS is the only one that I came second time. I was happy wherever I worked before but as you can see IUS is special to me", he said.

„We should be always supporting each other and if we work as a team, in good spirit we can achieve a lot. We are not competing each other, we are completing each other, we are all together in this", in the end Prof. Ture emphasized.

Welcoming ceremony finished with a cocktail where all present had a chance to welcome new Rector.