Visit by professors from Marmara and Istanbul universities from the Republic of Turkey

Professors of Administrative Law, Prof. Dr. Turan Yıldırım from Marmara university, Prof. Dr. Melik Şah Yasin and Prof. Dr. Aydın Gülan from Istanbul university visited International University of Sarajevo and the Faculty of Law on Friday, the 15th of April 2016. The goal of this visit was to make acquaintance with professors and students of the Faculty of Law, as well as to seek ways of further communication and cooperation between the Faculty of Law of IUS and Faculties of Law of Marmara and Istanbul universities, as highest-ranked universities in the Republic of Turkey.

Highly regarded guests were welcomed by the Rector of IUS, prof. dr Yücel Oğurlu in his cabinet alongside the Acting Dean of Faculty of Law, Assoc. Prof. Dr Ibrahim Dursun and Dean of Faculty of Business and Administration, Assoc. Prof. Dr Hasan Korkut. Professor Oğurlu presented the guests the work, development and achievements of the International University of Sarajevo, as well as plans for its further growth in terms of academic and infrastructural capacities. After the reception in the Rectorate, guests continued the visit at the Faculty of Law, where they were expected by the professors and students. A welcoming reception followed in the Dean’s Office, during which the esteemed guests were introduced to the characteristics of the legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and experiences in conducting teaching processes at their faculties and the Faculty of Law of IUS were exchanged wıth the purpose of achieving the best teaching and scientific results.

At the end of the visit, an hour of meet-and-greet was organized with students of Faculty of Law.