The visit of the Cattle Breeders Association from the Republic of Turkey at IUS

The International University of Sarajevo was visited by the delegates of the Cattle Breeders Association from the Republic of Turkey namely by: the President of CBA Mr. Cemalettin Özden, the Secretary General of the Alliance, Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu and their 10 associates, in the period from September 02nd to September 07th, 2013.

The five-day visit of the distinguished delegation in the agricultural field was to exchange experience between the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the area of ​​livestock, especially catlle industry, and the establishment of continuous scientific and technical cooperation in the above agricultural branches in all its areas.

During their stay in B&H, the Turkish delegation met with many B&H agricultural experts, and discussions were held on the theme of: breeding, selection, breed zones, Veterinary and processing, as well as on other scientific and technical aspects of the catlle industry.

Turkish experts were visiting historical, cultural and touristic sites as well as other places in Sarajevo on their first day of stay in B&H. The second and third day were organized and followed by various activities including: organized visits and occasional meetings held with the representatives of the Turkish delegation at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in B&H and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency ( TIKA ). At the same day the visit to the Federal Institute for Agriculture in Sarajevo ( Butmir, Ilidža ), were carried out as well as the visit to MILKOS dairy. The contacts with representatives of the agricultural associations, individual breeders of catlle and goats, as well as other relevant state institutions were realized as well.

At the end of the visit, the distinguished members of the Turkish delegation had an initial meeting organized by the International University of Sarajevo on the topic: Cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina in the field of agriculture, which in addition to representatives of the Cattle Breeders Association from the Republic of Turkey was also attended by Dr. Sejad Mačkić, director of Food Safety ,Mr. Amir Šakić, the director of the Agency for Halal Quality Certification, Mr. Enes Ališković, the director of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Mr. Almir Mukača , the representative of BIGMEV in B&H, Ms. Nina Pobrić , the representative of FIPA , Dr. Džubur Ahmed, the rector of the Agro-Mediterranean faculty of the University of Džemal Bijedić '' from Mostar , Dr. Nezir Tanović with the same name faculty , Prof. Dr. Vedad Šakić, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sarajevo , Mr. Dubravko Pocrnja , advisor of the Federal Agro-Mediterranean Institute in Mostar, Mr. Dževad Kovač, the owner of the farm ''EKO KOZA'', representatives of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection in KS, and representatives of other institutions.