VACD students visited Turkey

VACD students Emir Klepo, Leila Emric, Ada Sokolovic, Eldar Spahic, Rukiye Sunduz Gani and Damir Prljaca have participated in the 14. Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Triennial that took place from June 03. to June 07. in Istanbul, Turkey.

Students have participated with the video installation, short film and photography projects. The aim of the Triennial is to bring together students, scholars, schools and cultures, via exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and short film screenings through which dynamic interactions and contributions are expected to open new horizons in art/design field and its education.

The Triennial was a great opportunity to not only present the work from VACD students but also to promote the VACD program as well as the International University of Sarajevo.