VACD students visit Printing House Suton in Široki brijeg

On Friday, March 25, 2011 students of the course Typography II of the IUS Visual Arts and Communications Design Program visited Printing House Suton in Široki brijeg. During this visit, students were introduced with the printing process, starting from the graphic preparation of the material to the final product, types of printing processes, paper, binding, etc.

Having in mind that the course is attended by the students of third and fourth year, this experience was proven to be useful for their education and practical work in the future. Students also had an opportunity to ask questions and notice the importance of technical aspects of graphic design on the practical examples in order for their work to meet the expectations of designers and clients and be successful.

Students also had an opportunity to link theory and the principles of graphic design with realization, as well as learn more on the connection and cooperation of designers, printing houses and clients. The variety of papers, bindings, formats, notebooks, textbooks, and other different publications they saw in the Printing House Suton enabled students to receive valuable knowledge that they can use in the future.