VACD Students Presented Their Design Solution to Canton Sarajevo Minister of Transportation

A group of second study cycle students of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (VACD) study program decided to address the problems in their surroundings by using their acquired professional skills.

VACD students Emina Avdibegović, Amna Bajrić, Samer Gheith and Samir Leskovac have thus as part of their curricular activities in Studio Project I course, which is taught by Prof. Kenan Zekić, worked on the development of design solution for our  surroundings. Their focus was the problem of pedestrian security in traffic in Canton Sarajevo.

On Thursday, December 14, 2017 students presented the results of their research and solutions to the Government of Canton Sarajevo, represented by the Minister of Transportation of Canton Mujo Fišo and assistants Zdenko Pavlović, Emir Hot and Tarik Bašović. Students had the opportunity to get feedback and ask things which they needed to know in order to be able to continue with their work.

The representatives of the Ministry of Transportation assessed the students’ project well and enabled them to get contacts of persons that can be helpful. They expressed their interest to provide additional support for this project in one of the further stages if the project meets all necessary stages.