VACD: Referenced in Europe

Janis Westhpal, participant in the Global History Program at Free University and Humboldt University Berlin, visited VACD asking for the cooperation with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, Head of the Department of Arts at FASS. Westhpal is working on the research about Bosnian Cinema from 90s till today, referring to the published works and articles of Dr. Panjeta that were highly recommended in this field at the said university in Berlin.

Dr. Panjeta has published some of her scientific research on the topic of after war cinema in the region of Ex-Yugoslavia in the articles of our Epiphany journal as well. During Sarajevo film festival, Westhpal would meet Bosnian directors and filmmakers on the recommendation of Dr. Panjeta, and during his stay in Sarajevo he visited VACD and was acquainted with the mission of our Art Department to expand the cooperation with professional and cultural institutions as well as the festival events in the region and Europe and incorporate them into the teaching activities and artistic projects of IUS. VACD would welcome his presentation on Bosnian cinema after his research is completed.