VACD in the Professional Field Work: Youth Theater and Academy of Fine Arts

Following up on the Memorandum on Cooperation with Youth Theatre signed in September, VACD students of Advanced Drawing with Senior Assistant Roman Sulejmanpasic and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lejla Panjeta, Head of Department of Arts, attended the meeting at the theater on 28th October, where the director Belma Lizde Kurt, with the dramatist Dubravka Zrincic Kulenovic, students of Drama from the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo, and the actors of the theater discussed the cooperation on the play Town Musicians from Bremen, by Brothers Grimm. 

Our students will work on the sketches and proposals for the set design, props, backdrops, instruments design and puppets for this performance, and students of the Drama from the Academy of Performing Arts are helping in the writing and dramatic adaptation. After initial set design proposal,  VACD students will later have the opportunity to work in the carpenter’s workshop on the design of the scenery and puppets for the play. This work is to be a professional exercise, conducted for the professional design, and as a learning outcome is incorporated into the assignments of the course they are attending at VACD. Our students consider this as highly motivating experience. 

Photography for this theater play is done by Fatih Er, fourth year undergraduate student demonstrator of VACD. He also made the still promo photography for the performance Fairy Tale of the Fisherman and a Fish that premiered on the 22nd October in the Youth Theater. M. Furkan Hizir made the poster for the play Aladin that will be at their repertoire in the next month. 

Under the supervision of Senior Assistant Roman Sulejmanpasic, VACD students will offer designs for the poster and promo material of the play Town Musicians from Bremen, and IUS will be promoted in the press on the opening night of the performance.

Large number of VACD students, along with our professors and lecturers, attended the Pop Up festival on the invitation of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, organized as a three day event that started on 27th October. Workshops and lectures on design and arts as well as establishing new connections in the industry of design were useful and beneficial addition to our student’s and professors' interests in the field. This is the second Pop Up festival, in which VACD is participating and is establishing a successful cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo.