U.S. Army Major Gregory Roman gave a lecture at IUS

On Monday, April 28th, 2014, Mr. Gregory Roman, a U.S. Army Major at the military base of NATO in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a guest lecturer at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). Major Roman gave a lecture on intelligence and transmission of information in the military and secret state services.

During the lecture, he briefly spoke about the previous American presidents and informed the audience on how they interacted with the media and transferred important information to American and other public. "Intelligence is analyzing the information that surrounds us" said Major Roman in his speech. When he was asked by students regarding how the situation in Ukraine could affect Bosnia and Herzegovina, Major Roman said that the stability of the Balkans is very important, and that he sees positive signs in the new Serbian government, which can be reflected in having a better future for BiH.

At the end of the lecture, non formal interaction with students and professors took place related to the field of analysis of the current status of Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession to the EU and NATO, as well as current developments in the Ukraine.