Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Dr. Ibrahim Kalın Lectured at IUS

On Thursday, January 25, 2018, Turkish presidential spokesperson Dr. Ibrahim Kalın was visiting Sarajevo. During his visit to Sarajevo, Kalın gave a lecture to the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) students on the topic of "Islam and the West, and the future".

Before the lecture, the IUS Rector Dr. T. Ekran Türe welcomed the distinguished guest and presented him to the audience.

Dr. Kalın spoke about the history of Islamic - Western relations which is important for understanding today's relations. Among the other things, he said:

"At least since 8th century Muslims were part of European culture and society in Andalusia, where they stayed until year 1492, i.e. the expulsion of Muslims and Jews. That is when Europe lost the chance to be truly multicultural continent.”

Dr. Kalın emphasized the importance of Sarajevo for the relations between the East and the West:

“It makes a lot of sense to make comparison between Sarajevo and Andalusia for many reasons. For 500 years Muslims have been present in this region. Also, there is a present experience of urban Islam.”

He also added: "We can learn from one another in Europe today, live together as once in Andalusia when Muslims, Jews and Christians built a global culture and civilization, but at the same time retained their cultural identity." He said that Sarajevo can provide us with an example: "The life of Andalusia can be felt here and it can spread to the rest of the world, "said Dr. Kalın.

After the lecture, the IUS Rector Dr. T. Ekran Türe handed the guest a present and thanked him on his visit.