Turkish Airlines halts international flights over COVID-19

Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Bilal Ekşi, declared earlier today: “All international flights except to Hong Kong, Moscow, Ethiopia, New York and Washington will be suspended between March 27 and April 17.”

Although no such declaration has officially been made by the Ministry of Education in Sarajevo, given the recent situation, the current suspension on education may last longer. Starting from last week, IUS immediately took measures to enable online learning facilities following the suspension as soon as we received notification. While preparing for the worst, we are still at your service to make complete online education possible, including lectures, exams, and all other activities. Therefore, those considering leaving may do so without worrying about this point. 
Keep in mind that we will be updating you about anything that you need to know so please make sure to check your IUS e-mail regularly to not miss any updates and keep in contact with your professors.  

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