Three protocol agreements on cooperation signed with Turkish institutions

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) was visited by Prof. Dr. Musa Duman, the Rector of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed University from Turkey, Prof. Dr. A. Murat Tuncer, the Rector of Hacettepe University in Turkey, and General Director of the Turkish Cultural Center Yunus Emre Center in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi.

The reason for their visit is the agreement on signing three protocols on cooperation between IUS and the aforementioned respected institutions from Turkey.

The first document that was signed is a protocol on cooperation with the Hacettepe University from Turkey. The agreement was signed by the Rector of Hacettepe University, Prof. Dr. A. Murat Tuncer, and on behalf of the International University of Sarajevo, IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar.

By signing the protocol partners have committed themselves to work on a joint cooperation related to: cooperation in the research and implementation of international projects, organization of professional seminars and workshops, exchange of scientific, technical and educational staff and other associates, the exchange of scientific and professional experiences and achievements, exchange of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, and exchange of publications and literature.

Another document on this occasion was signed as well, the agreement on cooperation with the Regional Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center Center and its head office in Turkey, represented by Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi. In this agreement, Yunus Emre Center pledged to give its full support to International University of Sarajevo through promotion of IUS in its premises and/or on the website of Yunus Emre Center, and to engage the IUS students and staff in the organization of their regular activities (seminars, panel discussions, Turkey's days of education, etc..).

The third document that was signed is a protocol on cooperation, concerning Mevlana program. The protocol was signed between IUS and the Universities of Fatih Sultan Mehmed and Hacettepe University. The protocol agreement was signed by IUS Rector, Prof. Dr. Özer Çınar, and the Rectors of Fatih Sultan Mehmed University and Hacettepe University, Prof. Dr. Musa Duman and Prof. Dr. A. Murat Tuncer.

Mevlana is a program of exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and other higher education institutions in the world. Through this program, IUS students can go to Turkey in exchange program for one semester, and academic staff up to two weeks.

What is important to say is that the protocols signed on May 22nd, 2013 are of great importance for IUS, not only in the field of international exchange of students and staff, but as well as for academic, cultural and scientific cooperation of IUS and other institutions in Turkey.