A theatrical performance was held by IUS students last night

Last night, 30 May, students from the International University of Sarajevo, organized the show called "What Do You Mean It's Impossible!/Kako ne može!" at BKC.

The show was performed by students from CASES Club, which last year proved their acting abilities at BKC, members of the male dorm Blue Butterfly, both groups students of the International University of Sarajevo.

The play was performed in Bosnian, English and Turkish.

Students in the showed us scenes from everyday life, focused on topics - such as being a Turkish student in BiH, love and human relationships, which united funny, entertaining, dramatic and tragicomic situations.

The first part of the show, in English language, was about a Bosnian family living in America. Hoping to encourage his sons, their wise father puts them before the challenge of marriage.

The second part of the play, in Turkish, told of a desperate love - Asim who lost loved Elif. Also part of the story was the brutal everyday people who neglect true values.

The last part, in Bosnian, was about two Turkish students who need to earn money. In the hopes of making money to pay debts and rent money, the two decide to look after children and teach them Bosnian language.