Testing for Scholarships Held in Gymnasium “Maarif Koledž”

This year, once more the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo has organized a testing for scholarships for 9th - grade students who would like to enrol in our Gymnasium “Maarif Koledž”.

Gymnasium “Maarif Koledž” was founded by the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo. Apart from the High school, within the Foundation, there are also the “Kid IUS” institution, The First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković”, and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS). This way the complete educational process on all levels is covered, from kindergarten to Ph.D. The High school is located next to the building of the First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković” on the Vraca Campus. The classrooms are equipped with smart boards which, apart from traditional didactic methods and frontal approach, also enable the implementation of interactive teaching methods.

The testing for scholarships was held on April 14 in the premises of “Maarif Koledž”. A total of 120 students, mainly from primary schools in the Sarajevo Canton area, have taken part in the testing. However, it is important to emphasize that students from other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have also attended this event.

“We give equal opportunities to everyone” is the motto which was a guiding line during the promotion of the testing for scholarships. All 9th - grade students from primary schools from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina were given an equal opportunity to attend the testing, regardless of the average grades they have achieved during their education so far. 

“It is a great pleasure that the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo continues their successful tradition of scholarship grants, as has been for many years at the International University of Sarajevo, in our High school as well. This has been an exceptional opportunity for all young people to open a better path into their future based on their knowledge and skills acquired during their education so far,” the Principal of Maarif Koledž, Mubera Halilčević, explained.

The test was comprised of teaching materials for Mathematics, Bosnian language, and English language as well as additional questions of general knowledge. Depending on the achieved number of points, students will be granted scholarships from 25% up to 100 % - the full amount of the tuition fee. It is important to highlight that the granted scholarship includes the entire four-year education.

Also, Mubera Halilčević, the Principal, added that their wish was to show students that knowledge and hard work pays out, and that persistence and commitment can facilitate the fulfillment of their goal, and that is quality and successful education in our country.

The School offers two elective areas – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Visual Communications and Design (VCD). Apart from the Sarajevo Canton Curriculum, the School also enables students to attend classes on the Cambridge Programme. 

“We hope that these scholarships will be a motivation for students for further work and advancement. We will strive to offer our students an innovative and quality education which will enable them to find a secure position in the IT-sector immediately after completing high school, but also to give them an excellent basis for further education. We would like for our youth to stay in our country, to contribute to the development of the entire society of our country through positive stories, successful projects, and work”, this was a message from the Gymnasium “Maarif Koledž”.