Testing for Scholarships and Open Day – March 30, 2018


Every year, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organizes Testing for Scholarships for all fourth year high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The TESTING is not only an opportunity to earn a scholarship, but also an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and aptitude. The exam itself has two parts: general knowledge test and mathematics test. The scholarships are awarded to candidates based on their rank according to the exam, starting from 100% all the way to 40%.

In 2017, International University of Sarajevo has awarded more than 1,000 scholarships for the best students, whilst the average scholarship awarded was 65%.

The scholarships are given for faculty years and guaranteed for five years, no matter what your academic performance will be. If you can't graduate in five years, the scholarship is fixed at 50%, irrespective of the initial rate. 

Only full (100%) scholarship students are required to maintain level of academic performance, and pay no tuition at the English Language School for the first

Conditions for entering the exam are:

  1. To be a student of the final year at a four-year high school,
  2. To be a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or a country of the same region (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia),
  3. To have an identification document with photo (ID, passport, driving license) and take it to the testing,
  4.  Candidates are allowed to sit for the exam only once.

The candidates are required to complete online registration form at: http://stipendija.ius.edu.ba.

On the day of Testing for Scholarships IUS is also traditionally organizing the Open Day of the University, where students have an opportunity to get information about the faculties, study programs, academic staff and future colleagues. On the Open Day, the students can also get detailed information about student exchange and internships.

This year, we provided for you 1000 scholarships.

The testing is free of charge.

See you on March 30, 2018.