Testing for scholarships and Open Day at IUS

Testing for scholarships and Open Day at IUS

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is successfully organizing, each year, testing for scholarships for senior year high students. The testing is a chance for students to show their knowledge and get an opportunity to earn a scholarship or a discount for education at our University. IUS will organize this year's testing on Friday, March 20, 2015, at 2 pm. The testing covers two areas: general knowledge and mathematics. In order to implement activities that are aimed at improving higher education, primarily in the way that young people get an opportunity for quality education, the International University of Sarajevo has been providing support to students, in a form of awarding three types of scholarships / discounts as follows: 

- Best high school students in BiH and the region,

- Best ranked candidates who pass the entrance exam in general knowledge and mathematics,

- Students who after their first year of studies at IUS achieve a high grade point average (CGPA). 

Scholarships/discounts for education which can be given are: complete 100% scholarships, which cover all school fees at IUS, or partial 10% to 90% of scholarship. The goal of this type of scholarship is to encourage and promote knowledge and skills as a special virtue in young people. All these types of scholarships refer to four-year studies at one of the IUS faculties (including English Language School for candidates who have to attend intensive English language classes). For 2015, International University of Sarajevo has provided more than 1,000 scholarships for best students. In addition to testing on Friday, an Open Day will be held at IUS where students will have the opportunity to learn more about the faculties and all study programs we offer. 

General entrance requirements: 

- To be citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina or the region (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia)

- Graduates of secondary schools, as well as others who have completed their high school regardless of age

- Candidates are entitled to take the exam only once

- It is necessary to bring with you an ID card or other identification document with a photo. 

Registration for testing is required and it can be done at: http://stipendija.ius.edu.ba/. Test results will be published no later than five days after the day of testing at IUS website and notice boards. Entering and taking the exam is free of charge.