Testing for Scholarship at IUS


The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has been organizing Scholarship Testing and Open Door Day for many years, demonstrating how a socially responsible institution operates. The Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo, as the founder of the university, annually provides over 1,000 scholarships to interested potential students.

Testing is a unique opportunity for all graduates to test their knowledge and prepare for future university exams, and according to the result, win a valuable scholarship.

Testing is completely free of charge for all students, and does not constitute a requirement or obligation to enrol in IUS. Like every year so far, the Foundation for Education Development will provide transportation and lunch for all interested students.

This year's testing is scheduled for Friday, March 27, 2020 starting at 2 pm, and registration is required and will be completed at:   scholarship.ius.edu.ba.

The requirements for passing the exam are:

1. Being the final grade of some of the four-year high schools;

2. To be a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina or one of the countries of the region

3. Applicants are required to show an identification document with a picture on the day of testing (ID card, driver's license, passport)

4. Candidates may take the test only once;

In addition to the testing itself, an Open Day will be held on March 27th, where all students will have the opportunity to become familiar with our study programs, academic and administrative staff, and to meet and get to know our current students and student clubs.

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is a modern temple of knowledge in the heart of BiH. IUS is a place where nearly 1500 students from 45 countries create the perfect blend of nurturing the diversity of many cultures, creating unbreakable friendships, gaining the necessary work habits and experience, all under the noble mantle of the highest quality and most up-to-date education.

Founded by the "Foundation for Education Development” Sarajevo, it consists of 5 faculties and 21 study programs and has its own modern campus. IUS implements a four-year education system, aligned with the Bologna processes. The faculties that make up the IUS are:

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS),

Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA),

• Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS),

• Faculty of Law (FLW),

• Faculty of Education (FEDU).

IUS is one of the largest educational projects in the Balkans, and as such has provided its students with an open, tolerant, international environment where young people have the opportunity to gain new and share existing knowledge and experiences with students and professors, as well as with renowned guest lecturers. For the past 15 years, this higher education institution has offered high quality education to local and international students in all three study cycles, and the University has been developing very intensively and among the first in BiH to adapt its teaching to European standards.

During the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, students are offered a quality intellectual environment in 21 study programs within 5 faculties, ranging from industrial engineering and computer science, through the arts and social sciences, law, to business administration and the humanities.

IUS offers all classes in English, a recognized and well known diploma, enabled student placements, extracurricular activities, and student gatherings, all with the aim of being the ones who will be able to compete for your place in the profession of your choice tomorrow.

The acquisition of diplomas and the intellectual and creative maturation of young people studying at IUS have made it very easy to integrate these talents into the world of successful professionals, proven professionals and responsible citizens of BiH. society, but also the countries from which they came and to which they returned.

Through the quality education of future staff of different profiles, IUS's special focus is on affirming its own work and achievements, but also on its involvement in the international university community and on long-term cooperation with related universities through various projects and programs.

In doing so, IUS seeks to attract and retain qualified lecturers and administrative staff who make significant contributions to their fields of activity and enable them to participate in innovative research projects, with a view to continually improving the delivery of services to students and the community.