“Symposium on Balkan Research” Held at Istanbul University

Organized jointly by Istanbul University, International University of Sarajevo and International Balkan University, “Symposium on Balkan Research” was held at Istanbul University on February 6, 2018. The addresses at the symposium were given by Rector of Istanbul University Dr. Mahmut Ak, International University of Sarajevo Rector Dr. T. Erkan Türe, International Balkan University Rector Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, and other participants.

Istanbul University Rector Dr. Mahmut Ak emphasized in his address the shared historical heritage between Balkan countries and Turkey. He also talked about the potentials for academic cooperation. He said: “In our country there are 7,5 million higher education students and 150 thousand academic staff. Such academic strength and capacity cannot be withheld inside Turkish borders. In order to share them with friends, our country’s achievements must be free to compete internationally."

Rector of International University of Sarajevo Dr. Türe at the beggining of his adress presented that university, its modern campus and infrastructure. About symposium he said that Balkan universities need to intensively cooperate: “‘Balkan Universities Association!’ was founded with membership of 61 universities. With joint efforts of 61 universities we wish to see demonstration of increased activity. In order to do so, we need to meet more often, to take more action.”

The symposium was also attended by the IUS Vice-Rector Dr. Metin Toprak.