Support for Business Development Program

On Wednesday 19th March of 2014, rector of the University, Professor Dr. Yücel Oğurlu held a lecture to the students of IUS Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (LEC). During the lecture, professor Oğurlu shared his rich experience in the field of business management and lifelong learning as well.

''Success is possible to be achieved if we follow the basic principles that include certain virtues and skills. A precondition for lasting success is dedication and passion for the things which we are to succeed '' - said the rector Oğurlu.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Management (LEC) is dedicated to innovative research, education and dialogue inside and outside the IUS community. As such, the Program has sparked great interest among students in which they see opportunities for additional education and training. The Program consists of four modules and it will last 8 weeks. Those students who successfully complete the attendance of Module 1 - Program for the development of business skills - GDP) will receive certificates.