Summer school of innovation GeekFEST2014 completed at IUS

International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized this year again a Summer School of Innovation - GeekFEST2014, which was held from August 25, 2014 to August 29, 2014.

The GeekFEST2014 gathered a group of 35 talented high school students, mostly from third and fourth grade, who come from different cities all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. They attended a five-day program titled “ programming mobile applications”. This year’s school topic was programming "cross platform apps" by using Cordova software. To create a project (or own application) the participants had access to university laboratories with modern equipment and classes were conducted in English language. Besides lectures, the program included intensive laboratory work given by IUS staff as well as motivated guest lectures and experts from IKT BH companies.

The lecturers at the GeekFEST2014 were young IUS IT professionals with computer science background. The initiator and leader of the “Summer school innovation GeekFEST2014” project is Asst. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasić-Telalović, a professor in the Computer Sciences and Engineering Program of IUS and Head of the IUS Research Committee. "Our goal is to inspire young people to study engineering sciences and do research, as well as to one day maybe motivate them to establish their own companies. Hopefully in a few years, we will have some of the current participants as lecturers at this annual event," said Dr. Hasić-Telalović.

In addition to free classes, for students was arranged food and accommodation in the student dormitories within the IUS campus in Ilidže as well as interesting extracurricular activities.

The participant of the GeekFEST2014 was also Andrej Crnić from the Mechanical high school in Sarajevo and he says, he came to socialize with his peers from different cities in BiH, and to acquire new knowledge and gain additional experience. "The professors and colleagues were excellent and I also expanded my knowledge and got a lot of good ideas".

The participation in the GeekFEST2014 was an ideal opportunity for many students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. "About the GeekFEST2014 I found out through one of the web sites which posted information about the summer school. My desire for knowledge motivated me to apply. I hope that the programming  knowledge I gained here will definitely be of use in my further education," said Aleksa Pandurević from Pale.

One of the participants, who attended GeekFEST  for the second time is Merima Genjac from Visoko. "The GeekFEST2013 was a beautiful experience for me, so I decided to apply this year again. I would recommend it to all students who want the freedom of expression, are motivated to work and learn something new without pressure, to definitely come to this event. "She has only best things to say about her peers. "Well, we are not really bookworm  “geek's "as it seemed at the beginning," said Merima.

For creation of the best three projects on the GeekFEST2014, following students were elected:

1. Tarik Ćosović, Dajana Mojsilović, Amela Sadić and Crnić Andrej,

2. Faris Fazlić, Adna Hadžialić, Alma Kurbegović, Adnan Arnautović and Benjamin Krehić,

3. Elsadet Dervišević, Imrana Horozović, Damir Ristić and Selma Gološ.

The support to the Summer School of Innovation “ GeekFEST2014” was given by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the project “Partnership for Innovation” (, as well as local IKT companies.