Summer school of innovation GeekFEST2013 at IUS

With the support of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, in the area of ​​"technical support to culture and inventiveness" in 2012, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) organized a Summer School of innovation - GeekFEST2013, which took place from July 1st to July 5th, 2013 at IUS.

The GeekFEST2013 has gathered a group of 50 talented high school students, from third and fourth grades, from all of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Bijeljina, Jajce, Teslić, Sanski Most, Mostar and Trebinje), who attended a five-day program from one of the three technical disciplines presented: Molecular Cloning, Waves and Signals and Android Programming. Within each program, students were introduced to attractive and modern themes and techniques, and they had access to university laboratories with modern equipment for their exercises daily. Classes were conducted in English and included lectures and intensive laboratory work.

Speakers at GeekFEST2013 were young professionals, professors of electrical engineering, computer science, industrial and genetics engineering at IUS. The leader of the project was Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasminka Hasić-Telalović, a lecturer on the program of computer science and engineering and the head of the Committee for Research at IUS. "Through this school, we aim to encourage young people to science and technical research," said Dr. Telalović.

"I've always been fascinated by the diversity of all living organisms in the world and the fact that even identical twins do not have the same genetic picture and the structure. This fact awakened an adventurous spirit in me, and it's wonderful, to know that we are all pre-destined by nature and that we are different" said Ms. Adna Sijerčić from Sarajevo who attended Molecular Cloning section.

Participation in GeekFEST2013 was an ideal opportunity for many students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. "I was introduced to a real laboratory for the first time when I came here. I tried one experiment and learned more about the technical terms of electrical engineering in English language," said Mr. Zubeir Sedić, a high school graduate from "Hasan Kikić" school from Sanski Most. This year he received a scholarship to study at IUS in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering program.

Mr. Žiko Simeunović is a third grade student from Bijeljina High School "Filip Višnjić". He is a participant in Android Programming section. He came to attend the GeekFEST2013, because he wanted to socialize with his peers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in order to gain new knowledge and experience. "I hope that the knowledge I gain here, in computer science, will be a good basis for me for admission to college. After finishing high school, I plan to study architecture."

Ms. Ana Jelačić took part in GeekFEST2013 as well. She is a student at the United World College in Mostar. "I enjoy working in a team and developing new skills, which allow me to expand my horizons. I have always been interested in different scientific disciplines, because after all, everything in the world revolves around the laws of science. So this summer school is a very good opportunity for everyone to learn about the world and the process of creation of everything around us, from the scientific point of view "said Ana, a participant in the Molecular cloning section.

In addition to free tuition, IUS provided for all participants of the school, food and accommodation in student dormitories in the IUS campus as well as some interesting extracurricular activities.

Mrs. Dragana Nikolić-Tukić is a professor of computer science from Bijeljina high school. She has accompanied five of her students, who attended the classes in Android Programming and Molecular Cloning. "This is an ideal opportunity for young people to socialize and learn something useful. Some students are for the first time in Sarajevo, so we took the opportunity to make a tour through Baščaršija and around Sarajevo. The children were satisfied with GeekFEST2013 program. I hope that the good cooperation between our school and the International University of Sarajevo will continue".