Summer Book Tour: Islam, Liberalism, and Ontology: A Critical Reevaluation

Associate professor at the IUS International Relations study program Dr. Joseph Jon Kaminski has started his summer book tour off with an online, 1-hour long Q&A session with Dr. Ermin Sinanović at the Center for Islam in the Contemporary World (CICW) at Shenandoah University in Leesburg, Virginia about his new book, Islam, Liberalism, and Ontology: A Critical Reevaluation (Routledge, 2021). The link to the talk is:


His next talk about the book will be on Saturday, July 10 at 18:00 Sarajevo Time, held via Zoom, with the Center for Islamic Knowledge based out of Mississauga, Canada as a part of the prestigious 'CIK Talks' Lecture Series that previously has featured public lectures given by elite scholars such as Mohammed Fadel (Univ. of Toronto), Katherine Bullock (Univ. of Toronto), Ovamir Anjum (University of Toledo), and Usaama al-Azami (Oxford University).


In this talk, Prof. Kaminski will provide an overview of his newly published book, Islam, Liberalism, and Ontology: A Critical Reevaluation, which argues that, despite recent efforts to speak of overlapping consensuses and discursive congruence, the fundamental categories that constitute "Islam" and "Liberalism" remain very different, and that these differences should be taken seriously. Thus far, no recent scholarly works have explicitly or meticulously broken down where these differences lie. Prof. Kaminski's lecture will rigorously explore questions related to rights, moral epistemologies, the role of religion in the public sphere, and more general approaches to legal discourse via primary and canonical sources constitutive of both Islam and liberalism.


Join the talk for free at: