Successful Student trip

Social, Cultural, Health and Sport Activities Department (SACHS) of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) successfully organized the Student Trip2015 in the period from 12-13 December 2015. A group of 20 IUS students traveled for two days to Republic of Serbia and Macedonia. During their travel, students had the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites and attractions such as the Belgrade Fortress, the Student Square, Bajrakli mosque in Dorćol, and the center of the city which has a rich and colorful history. In Skopje, students visited Skopje Fortress ''Kale”, Old Bazaar, Sultan Murad's mosque, Macedonia Square, and the modern part of the city such as shopping center “Skopje City Mall”. After returning to Sarajevo, the students said that they were delighted to have had the opportunity to visit some of the famous historical sites and learn more about them. In the future, SACHS will organize more trips and the information about applying process will be available at IUS website.