Successful Erasmus+ cooperation with UFP from Portugal

University Fernando Pessoa (UFP) from Porto (Portugal) is one of the Erasmus+ partners with whom the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has implemented very fruitful cooperation in the last two years. 5 students and 13 IUS staff members have thus far taken part in student exchange and professional development at UFP.
Owing to the organization of the International Relations Offices of IUS and UFP, 4 academic and 3 administrative IUS staff members paid a visit to Porto in July this year: Prof. Dr. Admir Mulaosmanović, Senior Assistant Ahmed Kulanić, Prof. Dr. Selvira Draganović and Prof. Dr. Nina Bosankić alongside Sabit Grabus from the Human Resources Department, Šerif Hodžić from the Social, Cultural, Health and Sports Activities Department and Edin Ćatović from the General Secretariat. The academic staff members participated in a workshop entitled "Project Manager in Post-War Reconstruction" while the administrative staff underwent training in the respective departments at the host university. 
At the same time, Mrs. Nadine Rombert Trigo, the International Relations Office Manager and the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator at UFP paid a visit to IUS. She was accompanied by Prof. Luis Pinto de Faria from the Architecture program who gave a lecture to the students attending IUS Summer School.
During their visit to IUS, the respected guests met with the representatives of the IUS International Relations Office and agreed to extend cooperation within the scope of Erasmus+ to include Architecture, Psychology and Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design programs. The guests also met with the teaching staff from the IUS Architecture program.